Marketing team

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Marketing intelligent team

Our marketing intelligent team functions are to study Environmental, affective factors of the market like the political, economic , social and technological factors. Another one is to analysis the competitors that is through studying the power of suppliers , customers , the power of  purchase and substitution power. So we have the ability to face new competitions in the market.  Marketing Intellegent specialized study the market conditions and providing  the scientific office and the sale department with high quality information from excellent resources about all the factors which  will be affecting the marketing and promoting processes . This information helps us to make strategic plans to face the problems , to predict the useful opportunities to exploit them, also we know the customer desires in order to present the services in the suitable time and place.


Our staff members are provided with training courses and academic lectures for the sake of more development and update. Therefore, the company makes all the modern educational means available for the employees and encourages participation in workshops.


The company storehouses are prepared well and they have got the licenses of the good storage standards from the specialized authorities in Yemen.

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