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about company

Al-Sham Pharma is a vital & dynamic company with a long-term experience management that exceeded 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry for Yemeni market.

Mr. Ajeb H. Alduqaimi has started working in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical appliances trading, as a vice president and Manager for the most important pharmaceuticals companies in Yemen.

With the determination and will, he kept ongoing steadily until he expanded his relationship and business activities to importation and distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical appliances, and baby food; supplement food and cosmetics products, etc.

Through the last few years, we did our best efforts in order to increase our market share and establish an excellent position and reputation in the market as well as its contributions to improving human health.

Today AL ShamPharma for import & Pharmaceutical with all previous advantages, excellent relationship with our customers and good experience which we have in Yemen market will gain a high reputation, stronger financial abilities and long terms experience in this field.


With deep responsibility for its contribution to the sensitive sector of Public Health, ALSHAM HARMA is acknowledged as a pioneer of the Yemen importers companies, both for its  commercial activities and its key role in shaping the environment in this field.

 Within the next five years, grow ALSHAM HARMA  for Import and Pharmaceutical into the premier Pharmacy importers Company  increasing revenues to $15,000,000 by 2018 by becoming known for partner of health  to Make People Healthy by introducing the premier international pharmaceutical companies’ products to the Yemeni customers.


Our head office (the high management level) at Sana’a monitors the branches (Sana’a branch, Taiz, Al-Hodeida and other agents) for implementing the strategic plans to achieve the required goals. Our company has a scientific office, which is under the supervision of excellent doctors in this field.

The scientific medicals representativeۥ s works are to market promote and sell the products. These representatives are existing in many governorates in order to promote the products in scientific ways.

We care to improve the representativesۥ skills through continued training in the company. Regularly they attend forums, seminars and conferences that are specialized in scientific and pharmaceutical marketing and in making good relations. These conferences motivate them to serve the company interest as well as their personal interest as self-development. The promotion of products done by making visits to doctors according to their majors and brands. In the same time, there are visits to the pharmacies to evaluate the doctors’ visits.

Our policy is to solve the problems one by one and not to waste time. We also have an attendance at the graduations of the medicine faculty in all its departments, human medicine, dental medicine, pharmaceutics etc. We as a sponsor give graduates presents according to the followed policy.

Main customers


Ministry of health and Ministry of defense


Government hospitals and clinics


Pharmacies and Laboratories


Private hospitals and clinics

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Excellent relation with supreme board of drugs – facilitate the registration process.

Excellent relation with the Ministry of defense – Tender gaining.

Excellent relation with drug fund in MOH – tender gaining.

Excellent relation with the main government hospitals.

Very good relation with the international agencies such as UNICEF, Doctors without boarders, Red crescent, Antimalarial centers, AntiAIDS centers….etc.

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